Signup as an RcadeTrade Seller

The first step to submitting an RcadeTrade Seller application is to sign up for a free user account. The email used to sign up for this account will be the primary method of contact between you, buyers, and RcadeTrade. After successfully creating an account, you will find the "Seller Signup" link on the account menu. On this page, you can find the seller application. 

At the moment, we are manually approving seller applications to ensure marketplace quality. Once you submit the seller application, RcadeTrade support will be notified to review it as soon as possible. Once approved, you will receive an email with a link to the seller dashboard.

To access the seller dashboard, you still need to login with your standard user account, and from there you will see a link to the seller dashboard from the user navigation menu.

In order to purchase shipping labels, you will need to save your shipping address on the seller settings page. You will also need to create a Stripe account in order to get paid for your orders.

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