Manage Your Orders

Sellers can access the order management page through the Orders menu item on the seller dashboard. The most recent orders show up in the list first. The orders highlighted in green have not yet been shipped. You can use the search options to filter orders by system or category, which you may find helpful in the fulfillment process.

You will see the buyer's shipping address and a button to print the packing slip. The packing slip notes the order's contents and should be packed with the order. The option to purchase a shipping label will show until you purchase a label or mark the order as shipped. You can purchase a label from USPS, UPS, and FedEx at a discounted rate. Options to require a signature upon delivery and to purchase insurance are also available and may be required for high value orders. If a label is purchased this way, tracking will automatically be added to the order and a notification email is sent to the buyer. If you purchase a shipping label through RcadeTrade, you will be charged through your Stripe-connected bank account. If you ship an order outside of RcadeTrade, use the "Ship without Tracking" button to let the buyer know it was shipped.

If you would like to see more detailed information, the order details section displays a breakdown of the costs and fees. On this page, there is a button to contact the buyer for order issues or inquiries, as well as the option to start a refund. You can find more information on how to process refunds HERE. At the bottom of the page, you will see the order items and collected shipping costs. Any amount refunded on the order will appear here if applicable.

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