Order Fees Explained

Do I have to pay to list my items?

Nope! It's free to list anything and everything on RcadeTrade. 

So what are the selling fees like?

New sellers can join RcadeTrade with 0% in selling fees. That's right: RcadeTrade welcomes you to open your online game store at no cost, with no strings attached! We really just want to help your store grow, and help customers get access to quality video games. 

The standard payment processing fee will still apply on any sales madethis is standard for any merchant, and beyond our control. Each order will have a card processing fee at the rate of 2.9% of the charge + 30 cents per successful card charge. Card Processors charge fees based on the order total. (Item Amount + Shipping + Taxes).

How long do I get to take advantage of that selling fee?

Do you always take the full percentage for the selling fee, regardless of price?

Collected Fees example:

$50 - Order Total.
$0  - RcadeTrade Fee. (0% promotional rate).
$1.75 -  Payment Processor Fee (2.9% + $.30)

$48.25 Seller Collected Amount. 

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