How To List Products

Sellers can view, edit, and add to their inventory on the Inventory page in the seller portal.  There are three inventory tabs to help you manage your inventory. "My Inventory" shows your active listings that are currently visible to customers. "Inactive Items" shows items that have been added to your inventory, but are not yet listed as active and will not appear to customers in the marketplace. You can add items to your inactive inventory with the intentions of editing and publishing at a future time. 

"Product Catalog" is where you can search the database and add to your inventory. To add to your inventory, locate the item in the database by searching using either the item name or the UPC/barcode. You can use the system and product type filters to assist you in your search. When you have located your item, click the "Add" button to the right of the item name. The following dialogue is where you can set your price and shipping fee, adjust the quantity, and add information about the item's condition. In this view, you can also upload up to 9 listing images; the first image uploaded will be the main listing image. Once you are done adding information to your listing, click "Save For Later" to add the item to your inactive inventory. Click "Save and Publish" to add to your active inventory.

If you are not able to find the item in the product catalog, please contact support as it may need to be added.

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