What Are Item Contents?

"Item Contents" is defined as the original components included with an item. The categories we use at RcadeTrade are Loose, Game and Box (GAB), Complete in Box (CIB), and Sealed. Every game for sale on the RcadeTrade Video Game Marketplace will be categorized. Accessories and systems will follow very similar definitions; however, there may be slight differences.


A loose game is any game without its original box or case. This could be either just a game cartridge or a CD. Loose cartridges and discs may have replacement cases, but since they are not original they can not be sold as GAB. Common examples are discs stored in plain jewel cases or GameStop placeholder cases.

Game and Box (GAB)

Game and Box means the original authentic game and box/case are included. The box or case have to be the original. The difference between GAB and CIB is that GAB may be missing the original manual or other inserts.

Complete in Box (CIB)

Complete in Box is when all of the original contents of a game are included. This can be the game, manual, inserts, and box/case. Some newer games do not come with manuals and only come with a game and a box. These games can still be categorized as CIB because all of its original components are included.


Sealed is when an item still has its authentic, original factory wrapping on it. This automatically means the game is also CIB, since it was never opened. Reseals or rewrappings CANNOT be sold as Sealed.  However, they can still be sold as CIB as long as that is described in the listing. Sealed games become more rare with time and you will find sealed games to be among the most expensive on the marketplace.

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