How Does RcadeTrade Work?

RcadeTrade is an online marketplace for buying and selling new, used, and collectible Video Games. RcadeTrade's marketplace is filled with a catalog selection of over 30,000+ games stocked from hundreds of authorized and trusted sellers.

Products sold on RcadeTrade include:

  • Video Games
  • Consoles
  • Video Game Accessories
  • Miscellaneous Collectibles

Using The Marketplace

The objective of the RcadeTrade Marketplace is to offer highly descriptive items. You can see a games contents (loose, gab, cib, sealed), the item condition, features that a seller might have added (New battery, resurfaced disc, confirmed working), as well as specific item's photos and description.

The items for sale on the RcadeTrade video game marketplace are stocked from hundreds of different sellers. RcadeTrade does not personally ship or handle any of the items for sale. If you purchase items from multiple different vendors in a single order, your items will come in packages shipped from each of those vendors. Larger orders make for a fun mail day when you have multiple packages arriving.

RcadeTrade ensures you will get exactly what you order with our Buyer Protection Policy.  If there are any issues with your order, you can message the seller directly through your account dashboard to allow them to correct the situation.  If they do not respond within 2 business days, escalate the issue to RcadeTrade support and we will resolve any problems with your order.

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