What Are Item Conditions?

Item Condition describes the physical condition of the item and its contents. Item conditions are mostly relevent for listings without images. When classifying an item's condition, it is recommended to use the lowest condition rating of all of the item's contents. For example, for a Complete in Box game: if the disc is in good condition and the case is damaged, then that item should be listed as damaged. That item could also instead be listed as loose and very good condition and still include the damaged case. In either scenario, the item's price will likely remain the same, but may attract different buyers depending on what their needs are. If a product listing has images, then those images are to be used by the buyer for dictating an item's quality instead of its listed condition.

Very Good

Very Good can encompass items in Mint condition or items with minimal signs of use. Very Good items have no stickers on them. These items will have minimal edgewear, creases, scuffs, markings, or dents, but a single instance or two may be present.  When you come across a very good condition item, you will definitely be thinking “dang, this is in very good condition”. You might not even want this game, but you take it anyways because it is in such great condition.


Good condition items are to be considered above average. These items have no permanent marker writings on them, few scuff marks and scratches, no external stickers are present. Boxes can have slight edge wear.


Fair is an acceptable quality you can expect to find at a random garage sale. This item has been well played and well loved. Fair is the grading category with the most products in it.  It may have minor damage to the jewel case, including scuffs or cracks, or to the item cover, including scuffs, scratches, or cracks. Cartridges may have names written on them with permanent marker, some sticker damage, faded label. Boxes may have small bends to them, and corners may have a fair amount of wear to them.


Damaged items are in working condition, but have massive flaws. Can include missing or damage label, water damage, dirt. This game could have been pulled out of a swamp, but it still works. You can expect this item to have an unreadable or missing label or smashed box. There are no limits to the amount of damage offered, as long as the game plays. 


We are excluding a Mint Condition as a category because as games get older, its becomes more and more rare to find them in that great of condition. Mint Condition games are going to be worth much more, so if you want to find Mint Condition games, you are encouraged to look towards the most expensive listings and look at the listing pictures.

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