Refund & Return Policy

If you have an issue with your order, the first action you should take is to contact the seller through your account dashboard. Allow the seller to resolve the issue. A seller will work with the buyer to resolve the issue, potentially through a return and full or partial refund. An image of the product(s) as it was delivered is required to confirm the status of the order items.

To cancel a recent order prior to shipping, contact the seller as soon as possible asking them to cancel the order to get a full refund. Although, if an order has already shipped, the order may not be cancelled. The next best procedure is to return the order, to receive a full refund minus the cost of original shipping and cost of return shipping. There is a 14 day window from the estimated delivery date to start this process. A seller may allow a greater refund window.

Nothing's wrong. I just don't want anymore.

The buyer has to ask if the Seller will accept return. If they agree to accept a return, the buyer pays for return shipping and sends the items back for full refund, minus cost of original shipping after arrival to seller. This is to help to cut out "buy and beat" purchases.

Item not as described; partial refund procedure.

Contact the seller within 14 days from the order delivered date and the seller can decide on giving a partial refund based on damage or not matching description.

Item arrived not as described; full refund procedure

Contact the seller within 14 days from the order delivered date. You may have to return the item for a full refund. The seller is responsible for providing a tracked shipping label for a returned shipment. A full refund is equal to purchase price and cost of shipping after the seller receives the return shipment.

If a listing had provided pictures clearly showing quality of item listed, but quality rating (good, acceptable, fair) may have been described differently on the listing, then the pictures will define the actual quality of the product instead of perceived quality rating.

Returning item sold and rated as "Damaged"

If an item is being sold as "Damaged" it is not eligible for a return, unless the item doesn't work and is described as working or if the item is damaged in a way that is different from its description.

Every item sold on RcadeTrade is expected to work.

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