Buyer Protection Policy

Every item purchased on the RcadeTrade Video Game Marketplace is fully covered by our Buyer Protection Policy.  Every customer deserves to be happy and satisfied with their order.  RcadeTrade ensures you will get exactly what you order. We do NOT allow any fakes, reproductions, or counterfeit games on our marketplace. If you believe you have received a fake or counterfeit item, contact RcadeTrade support with your order details. We'll send you a prepaid mailer for you to send us the item, and our expert team will review if it is counterfeit.

If your order has not arrived or is not as described, you can contact the seller through your account dashboard. Allow the seller to correct any problems you may have. If you do not hear back from the seller within 2 business days, RcadeTrade support will automatically step in and work with the seller to resolve the issue.

If you are not happy with the sellers response, contact RcadeTrade support with your order details. We can review any communications on the order, and if we feel any of the seller's resolutions are unfair, our support team can step in and resolve any problems on your behalf and issue full or partial refunds.

Have more questions? Contact Support