Fraud Protection

At RcadeTrade, we utilize the best fraud detection and prevention tools on the market.  All orders for buyers and sellers placed on the marketplace will be protected from fraud. Sellers will never see nor have access to a buyer's payment information.

As a buyer, if your order doesn't arrive or is not the item you purchased, you are covered via our Buyer Protection Policy.

If you believe an item may be a counterfeit, email RcadeTrade at [email protected]. We'll have you send the item(s) to our HQ for review. Our specialists will review the product to determine if it really is a counterfeit. If they deem it is a counterfeit, the RcadeTrade team will work you get you a replacement or a refund.

As a buyer or seller, if you suspect your order is involved with fraudulent activity, report it to us as soon as possible by contacting RcadeTrade support. We will respond to the issue within 24 hours.

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