Good Product Photos

High quality product photos are a great way to show buyers exactly what they are buying. Photos help communicate the quality and authenticity of an item, as well as display the nature of any damage or defects present.  Pictures of game cartridge boards also help verify rare and high value games.

There are certain ways to take a picture that can increase your listing's visibility. Bring attention to specifically to the items for save by placing your products on a white or otherwise plain background. Make your items be the centerpoint and fill the picture. Show multiple angles of your item and use good lighting to improve the image detail.

On the inventory management page, you can upload up to 9 images per listing. Each photo will be resized and optimized for page load speed. You can change the photo order after you have uploaded them. The first image will be the primary thumbnail image, and the rest will be viewable when a buyer opens the listing details.

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