Cleaning the Products

Making the effort to clean games and their cases can go a long way in improving the condition and value of those items. It is common for older games to have stickers of barcodes and pricetags left on. These are easily and commonly removed with Goo Gone. Apply Goo Gone to the sticker for a few minutes and it will be able to be wiped off with ease. Make sure not to damage the original sticker on the game or case. If removing a sticker risks damaging the original cartridge sticker, it is advised to keep the sticker on if it can't be safely removed.

For higher value disc based games, swapping out the plastic case with one of better quality will increase the value of the item. If selling as CIB, it is important to use the same style case as the original (e.g., blue PS4 cases for PS4 games).

Cartridge-based games will have dirt buildup on the pin connectors over time. This will often make a game hard to load because the pins are difficult to read by the machines. You can clean the connectors using a simple Q-tip dipped in windex or rubbing alcohol to wipe the pin connectors, then drying with the other end of the tip. Taking the time to clean the connectors can drastically improve the readability of the game and your customers' satisfaction.

Rubbing alchohol, Windex, and Goo Gone are all common cleaners for removing dirt and marker from games and plastic cases. Disc based games can have the underside cleaned with Windex, but be careful not to damage the image side of the disc.

Resurfacing disc based games will make the disc look new again. Disc Resurfacers can be a hefty investment, so this may not be practical for all sellers.

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