How Do I Get Free Shipping?

Free shipping comes on all games with a subtotal over $25, per seller.  Accessories and systems can have separate additional shipping charges. However, accessories and systems can contribute to the $25 free shipping threshold for a game. Orders below $25 will have a flat shipping rate of $3.

For example, if you were to order two games for $10 from two separate sellers, each order would have a separate $3 shipping charge. Ordering two games for $30 each from two separate sellers will each have free shipping. Ordering a $10 game, a $5 game, and a $50 system all from one seller would result in you not being charged shipping for any of the games, since you have reached the free shipping threshold from a single seller. However, the $50 system may have its own shipping cost.

Sizes and weights of systems and accessories vary to such extremes that we are unable to establish a blanket policy for all items in those categories.

As the RcadeTrade Video Game Marketplace grows, we hope to improve upon these shipping policies for both the buyers and sellers.

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